Yuri Sato







ニューヨークで「YURI SATO JEWELRY」をスタート。






環境にやさしい 再利用ゴールド、ダイヤモンドを使い、


" I want to make the world a little better place.

A place filled with love. I want to make something that makes you touch your spirit. I want to make something that makes you see who you are. Something that reveals real you…

I dream about the world where we are able to live by our own sense of values. The world where we can follow our passion

and pursue our own happiness. Just imagine how wonderful and amazing such a world would be. I want to create jewelry that make my dreams come true.”

​“ 上海では ジュエリーという好きなものに出会った。 

東京では ジュエリーの世界に踏み出させてもらった。 

ニューヨークでは ジュエリーメイキングを学び、 

モノには想いを込められる ということを教えてもらった。 

そしてジュエリーを介して 伝えたいことができた。 ​

3つの都市、異なる世界を通して 経験してきたもの。 


I was born and raised in Kanagawa prefecture. After graduating from college in Shanghai, China, I returned to Japan to work as a jewelry designer in Tokyo. In 2015, I moved to New York and started making my own jewelry brand called, "YURI SATO JEWELRY."  In 2020, I moved back to Japan to continue working under the same brand name but with a renewed concept.


I first became interested in jewelry while living in Shanghai. I stepped into the world of jewelry in Tokyo. I learned the art of jewelry-making in New York and became aware that there is a way to infuse sprit into my creations. And now, I have messages to the world that I want to convey through my jewelry.


Life I experienced in 3 different cities.

It feels as if they were all part of my destiny that led me to where I am today.